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Double braided polyester hoses are a considerable improvement over rubber hoses because the double braided hose is more flexible, stronger and weighs less than a rubber hose, but most importantly it is more durable.
These double braided hoses are CE EN250 approved and Nitrox Ready.
  • An average lifespan 3x longer than traditional rubber hoses.
  • More than 30% lighter weight and exceptional flexibility compared to traditional hoses.
  • Outstanding resistance to kinks, abrasion, and UV.
  • LP/BC Burst pressure of 413 bar is several times that of rubber low pressure hoses.


All regulator and BCD double braided flexible hoses are individually tested to 103 bar (far greater than the 10 psi of most regulator pressures) and have a minimum burst pressure of 413 bar.

Each LP hose is LEAK TESTED to 30 bar.

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Technical Information

Their fittings are made from quality chrome-plated brass.

Length is measured from end to end of the hose, including the fittings and their threads. 

The typical low pressure regulator hose is a 3/8-inch male at the end that screws into the first stage LP port, at the other end you'll find a 9/16-inch female that screws onto the second stage regulator body.